Cruise Ship Damages Quay

The 294 meter long, 92,600 gt cruise ship Costa Deliziosa caused considerable damage to the Skoltegrunns quay at Bergen, Norway.   The cruise ship was preparing for departure when it broke loose ripping the bollards and parts of the quay into the sea.   Reports state 3 people were on the gangway as the Costa Deliziosa pulled away.  They were able to safely get aboard.   Nearly 50 feet of the pier was damaged, but luckily no one was injured.   The Costa Deliziosa was later brought back to the quay to allow remaining passengers to board.   The cause for the cruise ship to break her mooring lines was most likely strong winds.    The vessel left Bergen later the same day bound for Geiranger.

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One thought on “Cruise Ship Damages Quay

  1. Photos reveal risk by too strong bollards on a weak quay…
    Acc. international standards, BS, etc. bollard shall be weaker than structure…
    (Photo reveals bollard in Bergen is unbroken, but quay is demolished…)
    Norwegian national standard is also very specific on this…
    (Basically all old quays, globally, suffer same risk…)

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