Captain Joe

On March 18, the fishing vessel Captain Joe became disabled some 110 miles off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Captain Joe had suffered a power blackout when its battery died. The crew was able to alert a nearby fishing vessel who relayed the request to the Coast Guard. A Coast Guard helicopter was dispatched and was able to lower a portable marine radio. The helicopter returned and lowered a battery to the Captain Joe. The crew was able to restore power. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.



Photo: youtube

The 300 meter long, 94600 dwt container ship Tolten allided with the 239 meter long, 72982 dwt container ship Hamburg Bay in Karachi, Pakistan. The Tolten was maneuvering to berth in the harbor when it’s port side scraped against the moored Hamburg Bay.  More than 20 containers broke free off the Tolten and feel into the water.

No reports of injuries. Hull damage to either vessel has not been disclosed.  Pollution from torn containers have been reported in the harbor. Terminal operations have halted in Karachi while containers are recovered.

Four Barges Sunk Off Wheeling

Four barges sunk on Ohio River


Four barges ran aground and sunk on the Ohio River just below the Pike Island Locks near Wheeling, West Virginia. Reports state the barges loaded with coal were being towed when they ran aground while waiting on another towboat to pass. Authorities state the barges are outside the navigation channel and has not impacted traffic. The owner has begun efforts to refloat the barges. No reports of injuries.