Zhenjiang Collision

Long Hao 1

On October 22, the 190 meter long cargo vessel Xin Zhou 18 collided with the 69 meter long cargo vessel Long Hao 1 on the Yangtze River near Zhenjiang, China. The Xin Zhou 18 was proceeding to Caofeidan from Zhenjiang in ballast when it struck the Long Hao 1 which was loaded with 2700 tons of sand. The Long Hao 1 capsized and rolled over after the collision. Reports state 3 crew of the Long Hao 1 were later rescued by a nearby fishing vessel.  Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident. Salvage of the Long Hao 1 was reported to have started.


Soviet Union Suannan 318

SU Guannan 318

The cargo vessel Su Guannan 318, also reported as Soviet Union Suannan 318, sank in the Yangtze River Estuary off Chongming Island, China. The cargo vessel had run aground and suffered water ingress. With only part of the superstructure remaining above water, a rescue helicopter arrived on scene and hoisted 2 crewmen off the cargo vessel. No reports of injuries.

Yangtze River

Yangtze River

On January 12, the 199 meter long bulk carrier Yangtze River became disabled on the Black Sea off Novorossiysk, Russia. The Yangtze River was en route to Novorossiysk from Dneproubugskiy when it suffered engine failure. The bulk carrier went adrift and requested assistance. A tug was dispatched to the scene and was able to establish a tow line to the Yangtze River. Both vessels proceeded to an anchorage near Novorossiysk. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.

Ning Lian Hai 987

Ning Lian Hai 987

Photo: splash247.com

The 109 meter long cargo vessel Ning Lian Hai 987 sank on the Yangtze River near Wuhan, China. The Ning Lian Hai 987 was en route to Shanghai from Yueyang with 7000 tons of sand when it struck a reef. The impact tore the hull open and allowed water ingress.  The three crew on board were rescued by authorities.  A crane barge was later dispatched to salvage the vessel. Authorities have launched an investigation.

Collision off Shanghai

Jiang Xia Xiang

The 111 meter long cargo vessel Jiang Xia Xiang collided with the 188 meter long, 41,983 dwt tanker Bai Chi on the Yangtze River near Shanghai, China. The Bai Chi, loaded with 30,000 tonnes of crude oil, struck into the port side of the Jiang Xia Xiang which was loaded with 7000 tonnes of stone.  The Jiang Xia Xiang suffered uncontrolled water ingress on the portside and capsized.  The 16 crew on board the cargo vessel were rescued.  No reports of injuries. The Bai Chi sustained damage to its bow, but no water ingress or pollution released.