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JMS Delta (Wan Shenzhou 67)

JMS Delta

On January 16, the 98 foot long, 368 gt tugboat JMS Delta capsized and sank on the Yangtze River off Taizhou City, Jiangsu, China. The tugboat was undergoing sea trials and had just completed a test of the main engine when it suddenly lost stability. Water quickly flooded the vessel as it capsized.  A search and rescue mission search the scene, but was impeded by the swift currents and low temperatures.  Only 3 of the 25 persons on board were rescued. One survived by holding onto a hydraulic pump when the tug capsized. Authorities were able to raise the tugboat two days later. Authorities stated the vessel had be undergoing trials without notifying and reporting the condition of the tugboat. Reports have listed the vessel as both the JMS Delta and as the Wanshenzhou 67.

Super Sun


The 129 meter long, 18791 dwt freighter Super Sun loaded with a cargo of logs caught fire off the coast of China near the mouth of the Yangtze River.  The fire started in the vessel’s engine room and quickly consumed the superstructure.  The 23 crewmen on board were rescued by the East China Sea Rescue Bureau.   No reports of injuries.  Authorities were able to get the fire under control saving the cargo of logs, but the fire left the vessel disabled.


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Photo: China SAR
Photo: China SAR

The 28 meter long fishing vessel Zhejiang went aground on the Yangtze River.  The vessel had suffered water ingress and the crew requested assistance.  Authorities dispatched helicopters and rescue craft to the scene.   All 9 crew were safely rescued.  No further details reported.