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Barge aground off Kodiak

DBL106 - Bismarck Sea
Photo: tugboatinformation.com

The 382 foot long tanker-barge DBL 106 ran aground near Kodiak, Alaska.  The tanker-barge,  loaded with an undisclosed amount of fuel, was being towed by the 124 foot long, 469 dwt tug Bismarck Sea when it ran aground 2 miles from Kodiak.  The barge was successfully refloated and was taken to an anchorage where it could be inspected.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution.  A boom will be placed around the DBL 106 to contain any potential pollution. The Coast Guard have dispatched inspection personnel to the scene while aircraft will conduct an overflight as part of the assessment.

Port Botany Collision

Photo: smh.com.au

Photo: smh.com.au

On October 14, The 292 meter long, 61407 dwt container ship Safmarine Makutu, the 276 meter long, 67637 dwt container ship OOCL Hong Kong and the 294 meter long, 65815 dwt container ship Kiel Express collided in Port Botany, Australia. The three vessels were berthed with standard mooring lines.  During the night, a severe storm struck the port with winds reaching 126 km per hour. The Kiel Express moorings snapped and was blown from its berth.  The Kiel Express cut the moorings of the OOCL Hong Kong  allowing it to drift free as well. The OOCL Hong Kong sustained damage to its stern when it’s hull was punctured by the bollards on the quay. The Kiel Express continued to be pushed by the strong winds when it’s stern struck the Safmarine Makutu. The Kiel Express swung around and then collided side-to-side against the Makutu. Six tugboats responded to the situation and were eventually able to get all three container ships under control.  One tug became disabled by the loose mooring lines of the OOCL Hong Kong.  No reports of injuries or pollution released. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has launched an investigation into the incident.

Kapitan Rybalko


On September 25, the 150 meter long tug Kapitan Rybalko and the barge VT 3759 ran aground in Taganrog Bay, Azov Sea. The Kapitan Rybalko and barge were en route to Kavkaz from Rostov with 3021 tons of calcium chloride when a strong wind pushed the vessels off course into shallow water. The barge ran aground abeam to the shoreline. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released. The owners have arranged to have the barge refloated.