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Kapitan Rybalko


On September 25, the 150 meter long tug Kapitan Rybalko and the barge VT 3759 ran aground in Taganrog Bay, Azov Sea. The Kapitan Rybalko and barge were en route to Kavkaz from Rostov with 3021 tons of calcium chloride when a strong wind pushed the vessels off course into shallow water. The barge ran aground abeam to the shoreline. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released. The owners have arranged to have the barge refloated.

Collision on the Sheksna


The 119 meter long, 3345 dwt cargo vessel Leonid Lisin collided with the barge OT-823 being towed by a tug on the Sheksna River, Russia.  The Leonid Lisin struck head-on with the barge as it passed each other.   The Leonid Lisin suffered a hole in the hull above the waterline.  No reports of injuries on either vessel and no pollution was released.  Authorities ordered the trio of vessels to a nearby anchorage to conduct further inquiries into the incident.  The Sheksna River is part of the Baltic Sea – Volga waterway.

Triple Collision off Dungeness

Photo: Doverforum.com
Photo: Doverforum.com

The 166 meter long bulk freighter Rickmers Dubai reported colliding with another vessel off Dungeness, England.  The bulk carrier had struck another vessel during the night and contacted the Dover Coastguard of the incident. The other vessels involved was the 113 gt tug Kingston which was towing the barge Walcon Wizard.  The RNLI launched lifeboats to the scene finding all three vessels in stable condition.  Luckily, the Rickmers Dubai had passed between the tug and barge causing minimal damage to the tug and barge.  The barge crew dropped its anchor and waited until it could be towed to Dover harbour later the same day.  There were no injuries on any vessel involved.  The Kingston was able to proceed under its own power back to port.   The Rickmers Dubai anchored off Newhaven while authorities investigated the incident. No reports of pollution released.

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