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Photo: schuttevaer.nl

The 20 meter long tug Phoenix sank at the Volkerak Lock in Willemstad, Netherlands. The Phoenix had collided with the tanker-barge Imke Deymann resulting in hull damage and water ingress on the Phoenix.  The tug  partially sank leaving only part of its wheelhouse above water. All five crew on the Phoenix were able to escape in time. No reports of injuries. The sunken tug blocked traffic at the lock and authorities placed  booms around the vessel to prevent possible pollution released.  The following day a crane was brought to the scene to raise the Phoenix.

97 Samyoung

The 22 ton tugboat 97 Samyoung sank off Busan, South Korea near Dudo Island.  The 97 Samyoung was towing another vessel when its towing cable snapped and slapped against the side of the tug’s hull causing the vessel to later sink. The two crew on board were knocked into the water and were later found unconscious.  The men were taken to hospital, but reported that they had perished. Authorities have placed booms around the sunken tug to contain any pollution released.  Reports state an investigation has been launched about the incident.

Mississippi River Allision


On April 6, the 229 meter long, 81434 dwt bulk carrier Privocean allided  with the 32 meter long tug Texas and the 249 meter long,116014 dwt  tanker Bravo on the Mississippi River near Convent, Louisiana. The Privocean was moored at a terminal loading coal when its lines broke and the vessel drifted down river. Before the vessel was brought under control, it struck the tug Texas before it drifted farther down river and slammed into the tanker Bravo at the Ergon terminal in the St. James area. The Bravo was off-loading oil at the time and the allision caused some 420 gallons of oil to be released into the water and another 126 gallons onto the tanker’s deck. No reports of injuries.



The Texas had run aground during the incident, but did not suffer water ingress.  The Bravo sustained damage to its ballast tanks and its propeller became entangled by one of the mooring lines.  The Privocean suffered only slight damage. Reports state the Ergon terminal suffered significant damage. The facility has requested a judge to  to seize Privocean and auction it to cover the damage costs.

Photo: wsmv.com

The Coast Guard stop traffic on the section of the river for several days until it was determined no oil could be recovered. The Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.