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97 Samyoung

The 22 ton tugboat 97 Samyoung sank off Busan, South Korea near Dudo Island.  The 97 Samyoung was towing another vessel when its towing cable snapped and slapped against the side of the tug’s hull causing the vessel to later sink. The two crew on board were knocked into the water and were later found unconscious.  The men were taken to hospital, but reported that they had perished. Authorities have placed booms around the sunken tug to contain any pollution released.  Reports state an investigation has been launched about the incident.

Sun Wing

Sun Wing

On March 14, the 91 meter long tanker Sun Wing caught fire in the Sea of Japan off Busan, South Korea. The crew of the tanker, loaded with nitric and sulfuric acid, reported the vessel was on fire and suffered a hull breach.  The 16 crew abandoned ship into the vessel’s life rafts as it engulfed in flames. The Korean Coast Guard dispatched helicopters and ships to the scene.  All 16 crew were rescued.  Three were injured by burns and were taken to hospital. No further details reported.

Eastern Amber Update

Eastern Amber
Photo: vesselfinder.com

On March 11, the 104 meter long, 6532 dwt general cargo vessel Eastern Amber capsized in East China Sea off Jeju Island, South Korea.  On March 4, the Eastern Amber had been damaged by a collision and its 18 crew had abandoned ship. The Eastern Amber was taken under tow by a salvage tug and proceeded back to port. However, the Eastern Amber continue to flood and eventually lost stability and rolled over.  No reported of injuries.