Insula Oya 2

Insula Oya 2


The 50 meter long passenger ro-ro ferry Insula Oya 2 ran aground in the Fromentine Channel off Vendée, France. The Insula Oya 2 was enroute from Fromentine to Yeu when it stranded on a sandbar. The vessel remained “high-and-dry” as the ferry was left on the bar in the receding tide. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released. The SNSM lifeboat from Fromentine arrived on scene and transferred the two passengers from the Insula Oya 2 back to shore. During the next high tide, multiple SNSM lifeboats were able to refloat the Insula Oya 2.



Photo: (CROSS) of Jobourg

The 23 meter long fishing vessel L’Europe caught fire off Barfleur, France. The crew on board were alerted to a  fire broke that broke out in the engine room. The crew of the L’Europe engaged the fire suppressant system and were able to contain the blaze, but not before the main engine was damaged. Authorities dispatched a helicopter along with a SNSM lifeboat to the scene while two nearby trawlers proceeded to the L’Europe. Assisted by authorities, the crew were unable to restart the main engine, but were able to start an auxiliary motor to bring up the L’Europe trawl. The SNSM lifeboat escorted the L’Europe being towed by another trawler to Port-en-Bessin. No reports of injuries or pollution released.

Ptit Ours

P'tit Ours

Photo: SNSM

On January 14, the 16 meter long fishing vessel P’tit Ours became disabled off Lacanau, France. The trawler had got into difficulties in heavy swells and sent out a distress call. A SNSM lifeboat was dispatched to the scene. The lifeboat took the P’tit Ours under tow back to port. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.

Ar Louarn

Ar  Louan


The 16 meter long, 29.9 gt fishing vessel Ar Louarn sank off Cotinière, Saint Pierre d’Oléron, France. The trawler had suffered water ingress and notified authorities. The vessel’s EPIRB distress beacon was activated a short time later.  Authorities requested all nearby vessels to assist in search and rescue for the crew of the Ar Louarn.  Aircraft and SNSM lifeboats were also dispatched to the scene. An hour later a fishing vessel found one of the three crew of the Ar Louarn. He was in good condition, but the other two crew were still reported missing.  A search of the area found a debris field near where the trawler sank.

Ar Raok II

Ar Raok II

Photo: National Maritime

On February 28, the 20 meter long fishing vessel Ar Raok II caught fire in the Bay of Biscay off Belle-Île, France. The fire erupted from some machinery on board and quickly swept through the trawler.  The four crew was unable to contain the blaze.  They sent out a distress call before forced to abandon ship into the vessel’s life raft. The nearby fishing vessel Joker responded to the alert and rescued the Ar Raok II crew. No reports of injuries. A French frigate and 2 SNSM lifeboats arrived on scene. The vessels attempted to douse the fire and cool the hull, but the Ar Raok II superstructure had already burned away. The blackened hull of the Ar Raok II was taken under tow, but the hull was too far damaged and it sank a short time later. The hull now rests in 50 meters of water near Belle-Île.