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Ar Raok II

Ar Raok II
Photo: National Maritime

On February 28, the 20 meter long fishing vessel Ar Raok II caught fire in the Bay of Biscay off Belle-Île, France. The fire erupted from some machinery on board and quickly swept through the trawler.  The four crew was unable to contain the blaze.  They sent out a distress call before forced to abandon ship into the vessel’s life raft. The nearby fishing vessel Joker responded to the alert and rescued the Ar Raok II crew. No reports of injuries. A French frigate and 2 SNSM lifeboats arrived on scene. The vessels attempted to douse the fire and cool the hull, but the Ar Raok II superstructure had already burned away. The blackened hull of the Ar Raok II was taken under tow, but the hull was too far damaged and it sank a short time later. The hull now rests in 50 meters of water near Belle-Île.


Photo: www.premar-manche.gouv.fr

On January 6, the 15 meter long, 10 gt fishing boat Lucky LH482700 caught fire in the English Channel off Ouistreham, France. The fire quickly spread through the vessel’s superstructure forcing the three crew members into a life raft. The crew was rescued by fishing boat Bambino who were later transferred to a French Coast Guard vessel.  One crew member sustained injuries and taken for medical treatment in Le Havre. SNSM lifeboats from Ouistreham, Calais and Gravelines along with other vessels arrived on scene, but found the Lucky had already burned to the waters edge.  The Lucky sank a few hours later.  No reports to the cause of the fire.


The 20 meter long fishing vessel Trec’her went aground on Batz Island, France.   The trawler sent out a distress call with the French authorities dispatching a SNSM lifeboat and a Naval helicopter to the scene.  The lifeboat reached the scene and found the trawler to close to rocks to allow the lifeboat to approach.   The helicopter arrived and was able to hoist the five crew off the Trec’her to safety.  The men were transported to hospital to be evaluated.   Authorities dispatched a pollution control vessel to the scene.   The Trec’her had six tons of diesel fuel in its tanks when it went aground.


The vessel sank on March 6 after a storm swept across the area.   The vessel had been laying on its side since going aground.  Waves had washed away much of the equipment before the vessel sunk during high tide.   Local authorities have stated that debris from the trawler has washed ashore around the island.   Restrictions to fishing has been imposed as the six tons of fuel was released into the water.

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