Collision in Kiel Canal



The 151 meter long, 10600 dwt container ship Nordic Bremen collided with the 139 meter long, Brandenburg class frigate Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Kiel Canal near Shulp, Germany. The two vessels were passing in the canal when strong gust of wind caused the vessels to strike head-on. The Nordic Bremen suffered breaches in the bow and the frigate sustained multiple hull breaches in the bow above the waterline. No reports of injuries on either vessel.

Nordic Bremen

The Nordic Bremen was able to proceed to Kiel under its own power. There it will be detained while authorities conduct an investigation. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was escorted by three tugs to Brunsbuettel.  Reports state both vessels with need repairs before they can resume operations.

Collision in Kiel Canal


The 146 meter long tanker Barbarica collided with the 28 meter fishing vessel Destiny BRA4 in the Kiel Canal near Schülp, Germany. The tanker was en route from Rotterdam to Kalundborg when it was struck by the  fishing trawler in the stern.  Both vessels were able to proceed under their own power to Kiel. No reports of injuries or pollution released. The water police launched an investigation into the incident. The Barbarica was allowed to continue on its voyage on the following day.

Allisions in Kiel Canal


The 148 meter long container ship DS Agility allided with pilings near Schülp, Germany in the Kiel Canal.  The DS Agility was en route to Riga from Rotterdam when it lost power and struck the pilings.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  The water police launched an investigation into the incident.

Passaat-1042522The 82 meter long cargo vessel Passaat allided with the lock gate at Brunsbüttel, Germany. The Passaat was en route to Vierow from Grimsby in ballast when it entered the lock.  Strong winds was pushing the vessel towards the gate when the bow thruster failed.   The gate suffered significant damage while the Passaat sustained minor damage to its bow.  The vessel dropped anchor at Rügen where divers will survey its hull.

Johanna-1187051The 121 meter long container ship Johanna allided with the jetty at Brunsbüttel, Germany.  The Johanna was caught by a wind gust while leaving the lock when it struck the jetty.  The jetty suffered on minor damage.  No injuries or pollution released. The Johanna was en route to Antwerp from Kokkola.  The water police has launched an investigation into the incident.

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The 80 meter long, 2300 dwt freighter Lezhevo struck the yacht Huglo in the Kiel Canal near Schulp, Germany.  The Lezhevo suffered no damage, but the yacht suffered extensive damage.  No reports of injuries on either vessel.   The Lezhevo was headed to Bornholmgat from Bilbao.   Reports state the Huglo was able to stay afloat and safely reached Rendsburg.

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A La Marine

The 171 meter long, 20070 dwt container ship A La Marine went aground on the Kiel Canal near Schülp, Germany.  The A La Marine had lost steering after a bow thruster caused an overload in the electrical system.   The vessel veered off to port and ran into some pilings.  The crew were able to make repairs and refloated the vessel under its own power.  The A La  Marine proceeded to Brunsbüttel to be inspected.   No reports of injuries and minor damage to the vessel.   Damage to the pilings were not reported.

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