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RMS Goole

RMS Goole Collision Rhine
Photo: water police

On August 21, the 80 meter long cargo vessel RMS Goole ran aground on the Rhine River near Grietherort, Germany.  The RMS Goole was en route to Bibao from Dusseldorf with a cargo of steel when it got stuck on a shoal.  Behind the Goole was a container ship, which the Goole had passed on the Rhine earlier.  The container ship had no time to veer away and struck the Goole from astern.  The Goole sustained significant hull damage, but all above the waterline.  No reports of injuries on either vessel.  The container vessel reported some damage to its bow.  The water police arrived on scene and later allowed both vessels to continue on their voyage after completing an investigation.  The RMS Goole proceeded to Rotterdam.  No details on the other vessel and its port of call.  Damage to the Goole was later estimated to be over 10,000 euros.



Sand Barge sunk Noorderlicht Rhine
Photo: blikopnieuws.nl

The 70 meter long self-propelled barge Noorderlicht sank on the Rhine River near a lock between Amerongen and Laurik, Netherlands. An exhaust pipe had broken in the engine room allowing water to flood into the vessel.  The stern of the Noorderlicht partially sank while the bow remained above water.  A patch was placed over the leak and the pumps were to dewater the vessel before it can be towed to a nearby shipyard. No reports of injuries.

Fidelitas aground

Fidelitas aground Rhine
Photo: schlossbote.de

The 90 meter long self-propelled tanker barge Fidelitas ran aground on the Rhine River near Wesseling, Germany.  The tanker was proceeding with 4800 tons of fuel oil when it became entangled on a anchor line of a dredger just before it ran aground. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  Reports state the Fidelitas is awaiting for another vessel to pull the tanker free.