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Rhine Collision

River Concerto
Photo: derwesten.de

The 110 meter long river passenger ship River Concerto collided with a self-propelled tanker-barge on the Rhine near Rees, Germany. The River Concerto had passed the tanker while proceeding up the river when the bow of the tanker struck the starboard stern of the River Concerto. The passenger ship sustained significant damage, but there was no water ingress.  None of the crew or the 135 passengers on board were injured. The River Concerto was able to proceed under its own power to Rees where passsengers were safely transported to another vessel.  The River Concerto was inspected by divers. Damage was reported to be over 10,000 Euros. The name of the tanker-barge was not reported.

A Rhine Collision

A Rosa Aqua
Photo: rp-online.de

The 135 meter long, 260 dwt river passenger cruise ship A Rosa Aqua collided with the 110 meter long self-propelled barge Marjo-R on the Rhine near Düsseldorf, Germany. The A Rosa Aqua was en route to Basel from Amsterdam with 180 passengers and 50 crew when it struck head-on with the corn laden Marjo-R.  The A Rosa Aqua sustained significant bow damage, but did not sustain any water ingress. The Marjo-R sustained severe bow damage resulting  in water ingress and some oil pollution released.  Thirteen passengers were injured with three taken to hospital.  The A Rosa Aqua was later escorted by a fire boat to Schnellenburg where it was inspected for damage. The Marjo-R was takeen to Neuss by another fire boat after it was stabilized with dewatering pumps. Reports state the cause of collision may be the result of a faulty bow thruster on the Marjo-R.


Photo: presseportal.de

On July 28, the 110 meter long self-propelled barge Baroda ran aground on the Rhine off Mainz, Germany. The Baroda had departed from  Mainz with 1600 tonnes of soy products when it became stuck just outside the industrial port. Another vessel which had come from Basel came to the Baroda’s  aid. The vessel pulled the Baroda free later the same day.  The Baroda proceeded to Duisburg where it was inspected by authorities.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.