MOL Aqua Fire

The 147 meter long boxship MOL Aqua suffered a fire while docked at the port of Laem ChabangThailand.   The fire started in a cargo container of computers and quickly spread to other containers including 10 others loaded with chemicals.  The fire soon grew out of control and local fire fighters were requested.   Quickly, there were 10 fire fighting vehicles were on scene attempting to douse the flames.   After 5 hours fighting the blaze, the men were able to extinguish the fire.   Reports state 147 of the 200 containers on board were partially damaged by the fire.  The 19 crewmen on the MOL Aqua were able to evacuate safely.   No reports serious of injuries, but some suffered from smoke inhalation .   Officals are conducting an investigation to the cause of the blaze.

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