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The 77 meter long self-propelled barge Fulda allided with the lock on the Mittelland Canal at Sülfeld, Germany. The Fulda, loaded with 756 tonnes of feed, had proceeded into the lock when the vessel accidentally moved too far forward and struck the barrier over the lock.  The Fulda sustained significant bow damage and was detained by authorities. No reports of injuries or pollution released.  The water police launched an investigation into the incident.



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The 80 meter long self-propelled barge Karola allided with a bridge on the Mittelland Canal near Bramsche, Germany. The Karola had broken free of its moorings and drifted down the canal until it struck the bridge. The vessel’s wheelhouse was smashed and the bridge sustained damaged.  No reports of injuries as there were no crew on board at the time of the incident.  Two barges arrived soon after the incident and pushed the Karola back to its berth. The water police has launched an investigation into the incident.



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On October 28, the 67 meter long self-propelled barge Rothensee sank after colliding with another vessel on the Mittelland Canal near Oebisfelde, Germany.  The Rothensee quickly sank in 4.5 feet of water with its cargo of 800 tons or iron bars.  No reports of injuries.  Salvage teams quickly responded as the sunken Rothensee was blocking traffic on the canal. The salvage team was able to recover the 800 tons of iron off the vessel and began lifting efforts with a floating crane.  As the stern was pulled above the water, the hull cracked just behind the stern wheelhouse.  The 1.5 meter long crack halted  operations.  Steel plates were welded to stabilize the Rothensee to allow salvage operations to continued.  After refloated, the Rothensee will be taken to a nearby berth where it can be scrapped.

Video of salvage operations

Collision on Mittelland Canal

St. Michael

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The 80 meter long self-propelled barge St. Michael collided with the 86 meter long self-propelled Inga R. on the Mittelland Canal near Braunschweig, Germany.  The two vessels struck head-on and both suffered significant damage.  The bow of the St. Michael was crushed and a small amount of oil was released.   Authorities were able to place booms around the St. Michael to contain any pollution released.  No reports of injuries on either vessel.   Reports state traffic was halted for several hours on the canal.   The water police has detained both vessel while conducting an investigation into the incident.   Damage to both vessels was estimated to be around 80 000 Euros.


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The 85 meter long self-propelled tanker-barge Leila caught fire on the Mittelland Canal near Gehlenbeck, Germany.   The Leila was loaded with 1200 tons of heating oil from Essen to Hannover when the two crew on board spotted smoke coming from the crew quarters.  The crew found the room was filled with smoke and flames appearing behind the refrigerator.  The crew attempted to extinguish the fire, but the fire quickly grew out of control.   The two men escaped to the forepeak as the fire consumed the crew quarters, engine room and wheelhouse.  The local fire brigade arrived on scene and were able to extinguish the blaze.  No reports of injuries and no pollution was released.   Damage to the Leila was reported to be over 600000 €, but the cargo was undamaged and will be unloaded.

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