Dorena-Hickman Ferry

Dorena-Hickman ferry


The ro-ro passenger Dorena-Hickman ferry became disabled on the Mississippi River at Hickman, Kentucky. The ferry had a cable entangled into its propeller while its scheduled voyage between Dorena, Missouri and Hickman, Kentucky. Divers were requested to clear the cable.  Reports state the ferry was able to resume normal schedule afterwards.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.

Towboat Collision on Mississippi

Towboat Collision


On September 2, two towboats collided on the Mississippi River near Columbus, Kentucky.  Reports state six barges were damaged by the collision including one barge carrying 1 million gallons of slurry oil.  The barge had one of its tanks ruptured releasing some 120,000 gallons of the 250,000 in the tank hold.  Reports state the pollution has been released into the river, but the slurry oil is heavier than water and collects below the surface making estimates difficult.  The Coast Guard along with the owner of the barge have dispatched a pollution response team to the scene. Traffic along the 17 miles stretch of the river has been halted.  No reports of injuries.

Marrietta Hines


The tow boat Marrietta Hines with its 15 loaded coal barges allided with a bridge over the Cumberland River near Canton, Kentucky. The Marrietta Hines was headed upstream  when the second barge on the starboard side of the tow struck the pier of the Lake Barkley Bridge. The barge sustained damage and suffered water ingress. The Marrietta Hines pushed the damaged barge to shallow water near the bridge to keep it from sinking. The bridge was closed to traffic for an hour to be inspected for damage.  No reports of injuries or pollution released. The Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.