Collision on Ghent-Terneuzen



The 84 meter long self-propelled barge Zandkreek collided with the 110 meter long self-propelled barge Ben-Gus on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal off Terneuzen, Netherlands. The two vessels struck head-on and sustained significant damage. The Ben-Gus had damage to its fuel tank releases fuel oil.  Authorities responded and placed booms around the vessel to contain any pollution released. The Zandkreek was allowed to continue on its voyage to Antwerp. Reports state both vessels will proceed to a shipyard for repairs.  Authorities stated there was a lack of communication between the two barges which lead to the collision. No reports of injuries.

Meteoor Aground

The self propelled barge Meteoor went aground at the headland near the swing bridge at Sas van Ghent, Netherlands on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal.   A tug was able to refloat the Meteoor the same day.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution.

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