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The 92 meter long, 4112 dwt tanker Edirne exploded off the coast of Durres, Albania.   The tanker was proceeding in ballast after unloading its cargo of 3000 tons of fuel oil at Durres.   Three of the 15 crewmen were killed in the explosion.  Albanian Coast Guard responded and were able to rescue the remaining 12 crew on board.   The Edirne sank after the explosion releasing some pollution.   The cause of the explosion was not known, but one report stated that smoke was seen just before the explosion.

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Collision in the Adriatic

The 127 meter long, 1750 dwt ferry MF Ankara collided during the night with the 78 meter long, 3400 dwt freighter Reina 1 in the Adriatic Sea off the Albanian coast.   The MF Ankara travelling from the Durrës, Albania was heading to Bari, Italy with 200 passengers on board when it struck the Reina 1.   The freighter quickly filled with water and sank in just a few minutes.   Authorities were alerted and Albanian  Navy rescue and police sent rescue vessels to the scene.   Two crewmen of the 10 men on board the Reina 1 were rescued and taken to hospital in Durrës.   Three confirmed perished with one body recovered.  The remaining five men are still listed as missing.   No reported injuries reported on the MF Ankara.    The Reina 1 was carrying grain from Novorossiysk, Russia bound for Bar, Montenegro.  The incident is under investigation.

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