Freighter Condor 1 Damaged

Photo: Formerly known as the Jimmy A

The 1380 dwt freighter Condor 1 was damaged from a strong southwest storm on the Black Sea while sailing from Alexandria to Novorossiysk.  The vessel was approaching Novorossiysk when it encountered bad weather.   The crew decided  to wait out the storm as the weather was to rough to attempt to entering port.   However, the storm became worse as waves reached 3 meters high.  The vessel’s cargo of citrus fruit shifted resulting in a 20 degree list.   A distress signal was sent out and several vessel began a search.   The search vessels found no sign of the vessel and it looked like the Conder 1 had foundered in the storm.  However, the Condor 1 was able to reach shelter in Sinop, Turkey.   The vessel had turned into the wind and crossed the Black Sea.  

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