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Niloufar Abi

The 56 meter long, 696 dwt freighter Niloufar Abi caught fire while moored at Baku, Azerbaijan.  The fire started in the cargo hold containing some 500 tons of metal slag.   Local firefighters were called in and the blaze was brought under control a few hours later.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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Inzhener Nazarov

The 133 meter long, 4700 dwt tanker Inzhener Nazarov caught fire in the Caspian Sea near Makhachkala, Russia.   The fire started from some equipment on the upper deck and quickly spread to other parts of the ship superstructure.  Reports state several of the 14 crewmen on board abandoned ship and were picked up by rescue vessels.  One crewman was killed in the fire.   Several other crew stayed on board to extinguish the blaze.  Fire fighting vessels arrived on scene with eight fire brigades of men to fight the fire.    After several hours, the fire fighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire.  The tanker was in ballast only heading to Makhachkala.   The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Grigoriy Bugrov Sinks

The 133 meter long, 6611 dwt tanker Grigoriy Bugrov sank on the Caspian Sea near Chechen Island, Russia located close to the entrance to the Volga-Caspian Sea Canal.  The tanker had collided with a submerged object damaging the hull near the engine room.   The Grigoriy Bugrov filled with water and sank in 8 meters of water listing 27 degrees to port.  All 14 crew were able to escape and there were no reported injuries.   The tanker had 6000 metric tons of heavy oil on board, but no reported pollution being released.   The Grigoriy Bugrov was built with a double hull preventing any oil from leaking out.  Salvage vessels and equipment have been dispatched to the scene.  The tanker is to be raised and towed to Astrakhan.   Reports state the object that was struck belonged to the Russian Navy.

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