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The 89 meter long, 2755 dwt cargo vessel Nazmehr ran aground in the Caspian Sea off Kuryk, Kazakhstan. The Nazmehr had been at anchor when a winter storm blew in. The storm caused the vessel’s anchors to drag and the Nazmehr ran aground.  The Nazmehr’s hull sustained multiple breaches as it was push against the rocky bottom.

Multiple tugs and barges have been contracted to help with salvage and lightering efforts. No reports of injuries. Reports state the Nazmehr was loaded with containers with container goods and cars. The containers will be offloaded onto barges while divers will attempt to conduct temporary repairs and dewatering efforts.

Oil Rig fire in Caspian Sea

Oil Rig

An offshore oil platform caught fire  in the Gunashli oilfield in the Azerbaijan section of the Caspian Sea. The fire started after strong winds had damaged a gas pipeline on the platform.  Some 32 crew were rescued even as bad weather has made rescue operations difficult. Weather in the area has strong winds and waves reaching up to 10 meters.

Conflicting reports state the number of  crew on board the platform at the time of the fire. Numbers vary between 63 to 75 crew who were on board.  Rescuers did recover 1 person who was killed in the fire, but the remaining crew were still reported as missing.

Niloufar Abi

The 56 meter long, 696 dwt freighter Niloufar Abi caught fire while moored at Baku, Azerbaijan.  The fire started in the cargo hold containing some 500 tons of metal slag.   Local firefighters were called in and the blaze was brought under control a few hours later.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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