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Collision off Zeebrugge


Photo: deredactie.be

The 129 meter long, 8,850 dwt cargo vessel Flinterstar collided with the 315 meter long 122,079 dwt LNG tanker Al Oraiq in the North Sea off the coast of Zeebrugge, Belgium.  The Flinterstar was en route to Bilbao, Spain from Antwerp when it was struck by the Al-Oraiq which was bound for Zeebrugge. The Al-Oraiq suffered a slight gash and suffered some water ingress, but was able to proceed with assistance to Zeebrugge.  The Flinterstar sustained significant damage with uncontrolled water ingress.  The 11 crew on the Flinterstar went overboard into the sea and were all later rescued. The master of the Flinterstar and one crewman sustained slight injuries.  The flooding continued on the Flinterstar until it partially sank with part of the hull sitting on a sandbar.  Authorities reported that a sheen of oil was spotted around the vessel.

Yuan Da 668

Yuan Da 668

The 53 meter long cargo vessel Yuan Da 668 sank in the South China Sea near Zhanjiang, China. The Yuan Da 668 had been at anchor when Typhoon Mujigae approached with high winds and large waves. The vessel’s anchor began to drag and the Yuan Da 668 was blown aground.  The waves pounded against the cargo vessel causing water ingress.  The seven crew on board decided to abandon ship and attempt to swim ashore.  Six crew reached shore safely, but one crewman perished. No further details reported.


Photo: bangka.tribunnews.com

The 60 meter long, 950 dwt cargo vessel Ilmamui sank while berthed at Perkasa, Pulau Bangka, Indonesia. The vessel had been resting in the port for many years being in lay-up when it suffered water ingress.  The Ilmanui capsized and partially sank.  No reports of injuries.  Reports state the likely cause of the incident was due to lack of maintenance.