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Photo: tv2nord.dk

On July 25, the 88 meter long cargo vessel Traveberg ran aground off Nibe Bredning, Denmark. The Traveberg was en route to Aggersund from Fredericia in ballast when ran aground. A tug was requested and refloated the Traveberg an hour later. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  Reports state a pilot was on board the vessel at the time of the grounding.

Collision off Shanghai

Jiang Xia Xiang

The 111 meter long cargo vessel Jiang Xia Xiang collided with the 188 meter long, 41,983 dwt tanker Bai Chi on the Yangtze River near Shanghai, China. The Bai Chi, loaded with 30,000 tonnes of crude oil, struck into the port side of the Jiang Xia Xiang which was loaded with 7000 tonnes of stone.  The Jiang Xia Xiang suffered uncontrolled water ingress on the portside and capsized.  The 16 crew on board the cargo vessel were rescued.  No reports of injuries. The Bai Chi sustained damage to its bow, but no water ingress or pollution released.

Four Freighters off Hong Kong

Four Freighters Abandoned off Hong Kong
Photo: fleetmon.com

On July 21, Hong Kong authorities reported four cargo vessels in distress off Hong Kong.  The 26 meter long Zhong Chuan 19, the 55 meter long Jin Tai Yi 3, the 50 meter long Jia Hang 233 and the 95 meter long Shun Hong Hai 286 were  caught in storms off Hong Kong.  The vessels became disabled  and  the crew requested assistance.  The Hong Kong Government Flying Service launched aircraft and successfully airlifted all the crew off the four vessels.  Some 36 crewmen were safely rescued.  No reports of injuries.