Omskiy 135


The 108 meter long, 3095 dwt cargo vessel Omskiy 135 ran aground on the Svir River near the 1102 kilometer mark. The vessel was headed to Husum, Sweden with 2534 tons of timber when a navigation error cause the vessel to run aground. No reports of injuries or damage.  Traffic was reported to be halted until the Omskiy 135 could be refloated.



The 80 meter long tanker Zhenpeng ran aground on the Pearl River near Guangzhou, China. The Zhenpeng, loaded with 2290 tons of gasoline, was struck by the passing 99 meter long cargo vessel Yanzhan 58. The tanker sustained hull damage and water ingress in the engine room.  The Yanzhan 58 was towed to shallow water where it ran aground to avoid sinking. All 15 crew on the Zhenpeng were rescued. No reports of injuries. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

Shao Dong Ji 958

The 36 meter long cargo vessel Shao Dong Ji 958 caught fire off Suzhou, China. The vessel was en route with 1200 tons of coal on an inner waterway off the Yangtze River when a fire broke out in the crew quarters. The crew were evacuated by a Coastguard boat while a local fire fighting team extinguished the blaze. No reports of injuries.