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Tug Capsized

The 21 meter long tug En Avant 5 capsized on the Maas River near Dordrecht, Netherlands.   The tug was engaged with another tug dragging a barge when it capsized.   The 4 crewmen on board were able to jump safely into the water.   A ferry picked up the men who were taken to hospital to be checked out.   The En Avant 5 is still attached to the barge.    The cause of the capsizing is not known.   Authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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Malaysia bum-boat capsizes

A bum-boat, a small vessel used to carry people and cargo from moored ships, carrying 29 passengers capsized near the Tanjung Leman jetty. The boat had left Wong Pak Yau Kelong when it was hit by large waves. Twenty-four passengers and 2 crew were rescued. The boat was overloaded as it was designed to carry upto 12 passengers. Reports state the master and owner are detained part of an investigation by Malasysian authorities.

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Freighter Jian Fu Star Capsizes

Eluanbi, Taiwan
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The Panama 35,000 ton bulk freighter Jian Fu Star capsized off Oluanpi, Taiwan. The vessel was carrying nickel ore from Indonesia to Qingdao, China when it capsized and sank in bad weather. Reports state that there were 25 crew onboard with 12 saved, 1 lost and 12 missing. Another report states the crew was able to radio a distress signal before the sinking.

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