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E Tuan Feng Huo 226

E Tuan Feng Hua 226
Photo: newsmaritime.com

The 64 meter long, 1600 dwt coastal bulk carrier E Tuan Feng Huo 226 sank on the Yangtze River while berthed at Wuhan, China. The E Tuan Feng Huo 226 was loading cargo at the terminal when the vessel suffered a hull breach and suffered massive water ingress.  The three crew on board were able to escape and later rescued.  Reports state the bulker may have partially broke-in-two as the hull cracked.  Ferry service from Wuhan was halted as the E Tuan Feng Huo 226 was blocking navigation at the terminal.


Photo: haz.de

On October 28, the 67 meter long self-propelled barge Rothensee sank after colliding with another vessel on the Mittelland Canal near Oebisfelde, Germany.  The Rothensee quickly sank in 4.5 feet of water with its cargo of 800 tons or iron bars.  No reports of injuries.  Salvage teams quickly responded as the sunken Rothensee was blocking traffic on the canal. The salvage team was able to recover the 800 tons of iron off the vessel and began lifting efforts with a floating crane.  As the stern was pulled above the water, the hull cracked just behind the stern wheelhouse.  The 1.5 meter long crack halted  operations.  Steel plates were welded to stabilize the Rothensee to allow salvage operations to continued.  After refloated, the Rothensee will be taken to a nearby berth where it can be scrapped.

Video of salvage operations

Confid Breaks Up

Photo: limburger.nl
Photo: limburger.nl

The 85 meter long  self-propelled barge Confid broke-in-two on the Maas River near Lomm, Netherlands.  The Confid was loading 1400 tons of gravel when the vessel’s hull failed and broke-in-tow.  The bow section remained above water while the stern sank.  The four crewmen on board were able to escape by jumping into the water before the stern sank.  Oil was spotted and authorities requested an anti-pollution vessel while booms were placed around the vessel.  Reports states that some 7 tons of diesel fuel was on the Confid.  A vehicle on board the Confid at the time of the sinking was later recovered.  Divers surveyed the wreck, but no details reported to why the hull failed.  Salvage of the Confid is expected to take a week as the gravel must be removed first.


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