TS Taipei Update

TS Taipei

The 168 meter long, 20615 dwt container ship TS Taipei broke up just offshore off Taiwan. The TS Taipei had gone ashore on March 10 after suffering engine failure.  The vessel remained hard aground while salvage operations attempted to remove fuel off the vessel. However, salvage was suspended due to a severe storm which also caused the vessel finally broke-in-two. The hull cracked amidships and fuel oil was released from ruptured bunker tanks. Authorities dispatched a pollution response team to the scene along with multiple boats. Booms were placed around the pollution to contain any further oil released. Reports also state that several containers have fallen overboard which may contain hazardous chemicals.

Collision off Nigeria Update

Correction: The tanker struck was the tanker Tank (imo: 8681460) not the tanker Good Success.


Photo: shipsandports.com.ng

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency has stated it has rescued three of the 12 crew from the MT Tank. The stern section of the tanker sank quickly with 8 crew trapped.  Only one body has been recovered.


Photo: shipsandports.com.ng

Preliminary reports state the Elixir struck the MT Tank which broke-in-two.  Divers were requested to inspect the sunken portion to ensure no-one was left trapped inside (as a cook survived in an air pocket for two days  after a tugboat capsizing and sinking off Nigeria).

Tanker Elixir

Photo: shipsandports.com.ng

E Tuan Feng Huo 226

E Tuan Feng Hua 226

Photo: newsmaritime.com

The 64 meter long, 1600 dwt coastal bulk carrier E Tuan Feng Huo 226 sank on the Yangtze River while berthed at Wuhan, China. The E Tuan Feng Huo 226 was loading cargo at the terminal when the vessel suffered a hull breach and suffered massive water ingress.  The three crew on board were able to escape and later rescued.  Reports state the bulker may have partially broke-in-two as the hull cracked.  Ferry service from Wuhan was halted as the E Tuan Feng Huo 226 was blocking navigation at the terminal.