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Palflot 5

On April 21, the 123 meter long, 3794 dwt tanker Palflot 5 ran aground on the Don River in the port of Azov, Russia. The Palflot 5 had departed from Volgograd with 2951 tons of vegetable oil when it ran aground after a navigational error. The tanker was able to refloat itself the same day.  No reports of damage, injuries or pollution released.

Cap San Lorenzo

Cap san Lorenzo

The 333 meter long, 124479 dwt container ship Cap San Lorenzo ran aground in the North Sea near Vissingen, Netherlands. The boxship was en route to Le Havre from Antwerp when it ran hard aground on a sandbar.  Initial attempts to refloat the Cap San Lorenzo failed due to fog and low tide.  A second attempt with the aid of four tugs was successful later the same day. No reports of injuries to the 29 crew on board, damage or pollution released. The boxship proceeded to an anchorage off Ostend where divers conducted a survey before allowing the vessel to proceed on its voyage.


Photo: uscg

The 603 foot long self-unloader bulk carrier Mississagi ran aground on the St. Marys River near De Tour Village, Michigan. The Mississagi had departed from Bruce Mines, Ontario with a cargo of stone when it ran onto a shoal in Potagannissing Bay. No reports of injuries, damage or pollution. The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter and boats from Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace. Reports state marine inspectors will inspect the vessel for damage while the crew of the Mississagi works with a salvage company to refloat the bulk carrier.