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Shao Dong Ji 958

The 36 meter long cargo vessel Shao Dong Ji 958 caught fire off Suzhou, China. The vessel was en route with 1200 tons of coal on an inner waterway off the Yangtze River when a fire broke out in the crew quarters. The crew were evacuated by a Coastguard boat while a local fire fighting team extinguished the blaze. No reports of injuries.

No. 3 Heung-A Pioneer

No 3 Heung A Pioneer

The 124 meter long , 12,395 dwt tanker No. 3 Heung-A Pioneer suffered an explosion off Penang, Malaysia. The tanker had departed from Penang  bound for Singapore when a gas canister caught fire resulting in the explosion. The vessel requested assistance and returned back to port. One crewman was killed in the explosion and another five were injured. The extent of damage was not reported. Authorities has launched an investigation into the incident.

Haoda 6

Haoda 6

The 75 meter long, 2338 dwt cargo vessel Haoda 6 caught fire in the East China Sea off Ningbo, China. The Haoda 6 was headed to Taizhou from Yokohama, Japan when a fire broke out in the vessel’s engine room.  The compartment filled with smoke forcing the crew out. The vessel sent out a distress signal requesting assistance. A Coast Guard boat along with harbour tug were dispatched to assist. Both vessels aided in evacuating the crew and later extinguished the blaze.  No reports of injuries or pollution released. Reports state the fire may have started by an electrical short in a generator.