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MOL Contribution


The 316 meter long, 90000 dwt container ship MOL Contribution caught fire while berthed in Oakland, California. The fire started in the upper decks inside the third officer’s cabin.  Local firefighters were requested and were able to extinguished the blaze in the narrow passageways. No reports of injuries to the 20 persons on board. The MOL Contribution sustained smoke and fire damage to its superstructure including the officers sleeping quarters. Reports state the fire started when an electrical equipment overheated. The MOL Contribution was being loaded for a voyage to Hong Kong. The Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.

Fortune Ocean


The 98 meter long, 7050 dwt general cargo vessel Fortune Ocean caught fire while berthed in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. After arriving from Hong Kong, a fire started in the vessel’s hold containing a cargo of coconut by-products. Local fire brigade responded and the blaze was extinguished a few hours later. No reports of injuries or pollution released.

Mentari Pratama

Mentari Pratama

On January 24, the 55 meter long general cargo vessel Mentari Pratama caught fire while berthed in Surabaya, Indonesia. The vessel was docked at a repair yard when a welder’s gas cylinder exploded. Three men were injured and taken to hospital for burns. Local fire fighters were able to bring the resulting blaze under control an hour later. Part of the Mentari Pratama’s superstructure was scorched by the fire.