Brahmaputra Disaster

This is a map of the Ganges (orange), Brahmapu...

This is a map of the Ganges (orange), Brahmaputra (violet), and Meghna (green) drainage basins. Created with ArcExplorer and Adobe Illustrator, based on Natural Earth data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ferry with over 350 persons on board capsized and broke-in-two on the Brahmaputra River near Fakiragram, Assam, India.  The ferry was sailing along its regular route servicing small villages along the  river when it was caught by a storm.   The storm quickly overwhelmed the ferry throwing people overboard.   Many were caught in the current and drowned.   There were no life-rafts or life jackets on board the vessel.   Authorities pulled more than 100 bodies from the river with another 100 still reported missing. Reports state there will be an investigation into incident along with inspection of the ferries operating in the area.


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