The 82 meter long, 3200 dwt freighter Phantom became disabled while off Öland, Sweden.  The Phantom loaded with lumber bound for Casablanca suffered a cargo shift resulting in a severe list.  Part of the deck cargo broke loose and fell overboard.   The crew of six on board contacted the Swedish Coast Guard who dispatched vessels and a helicopter to the scene.   The helicopter first arrived and winched the crew to safety.  Later a Coast Guard vessel was able to attach a line and took the Phantom under tow.   The vessels were reported to be heading to Oskarshamn.   Reports state there is a risk that the Phantom may capsize before reaching safety due to heavy seas in the area.   Environmental vessels are also standing by in case pollution is released.

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The 127 meter long, 8627 dwt container ship Bruarfoss became disabled in the North Sea after suffering engine failure.    The vessel was enroute to Reykjavik from Immingham.  No further details reported.

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Terri Louise


The trawler Terri Louise WD 246 became disabled and nearly sank off White Gap, Curracloe, Ireland.  The trawler was fishing when it struck bottom and the hull was holed.  The Terri Louise had rapid water ingress and the vessel was close to sinking.  The crew sent out a distress call with a helicopter from the Marine Rescue Control responding along with the RNLI lifeboat from Rosslare.   The helicopter was able to lower a dewatering pump to the trawler.   With the pump in operation, the water ingress was brought under control.   The RNLI lifeboat reached the scene and escorted the Terri Louise back to port at Kilmore Quay.

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Photo: Sergey Zhuk

The 84 meter long, 1660 dwt tanker Karakumneft went aground off the coast of Iturup Island near Kurilsk, Russia.  The tanker arrived with 1300 metric tons of fuel and begun unloading operations when a storm approached.  The tanker stopped unloading and leaving the area when it ran aground only 80 meters from the shore.   All 20 crew on board were safely evacuated.  An oil leak was later reported coming from the vessel.   Authorities state they were unable to stop the leak due to the stormy weather.   The Karakumneft had more than 1200 metric tons of fuel still on board at the time of the grounding.

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The 15 meter long fishing vessel Remøybuen became disabled near Ballstad, Norway.   The vessel’s propeller was fouled by a rope and the crew requested assistance.   The Norwegian Sea Rescue dispatched a lifeboat to the scene and brought the vessel back to the station.   A diver went down and cleared the propeller of the rope.   No reports of damage, injuries or pollution being released.

Visit Norwegian Sea Rescue website

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