21 Vessels Trapped in Ice

Authorities from Autonomous Republic of Crimea stated 120 ships are anchored in the Kerch Strait and due to adverse weather conditions in the Sea of Azov, there are 21 vessels surrounded by ice.  Rescue helicopters have provided aid to those crewmen who were in need of medical assistance.  Forecasters predict temperatures could plunge to as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius in the coming week.

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Bien Nam 17

The 3183 dwt freighter Bien Nam 17 sank on the Nha Be River near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.   The freighter had lost steering before it strucked two vessels, Maritime 36 and Agnes, anchored on the river.   The Bien Dam 17 starboard hull was severely damaged and suffered water ingress into the holds.   The vessel quickly flooded and sank by the stern.   Eleven of the 12 crew on board were rescued by nearby boats.   A missing crewman body was later recovered.   The vessel’s fuel tanks were ruptured allowing 8,000 liters of fuel to be released into the river.   Reports state authorities have deployed booms around the vessel to prevent any further pollution being released.  The Bien Nam 17 was carrying 3,000 tons of clinker at the time.   Owners of the vessel state they will salvage the vessel.

A report states the vessel lost steering due to a large whirlpool in the river.

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