Ashore at Samsun

Two vessels found themselves trapped in a severe storm at the Black Sea port of Samsun, Turkey.  The 140 meter long, 6628 dwt freighter Feruz was at anchor when the storm caused it’s anchors to drag.   The vessel went ashore against the breakwater and the hull was damaged.   The 16 crew on board were able to safely get ashore.  The 70 meter long, 1580 dwt coastal freighter Hay K also went ashore nearby during the storm.  No reports of injuries.  Reports state that waves reached up to 20 meters in height.

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Khor Fakkan

The 262 meter long, 51738 dwt container ship UASC Khor Fakkan ran aground on the Savannah River near Elba Island, Georgia.  Three tugs were dispatched and were able to refloat the Khor Fakkan later the same day.  The vessel proceeded under its own power to the Garden City Terminal.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution being released.

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Barge Aground

The barge TM3 went aground while being towed by the 58 foot towboat UTV Louis Vincent off Bayport, Texas.  One of the barge’s tanks ruptured and 500 gallons of fuel spilled into the water.   The crew requested assistance and pollution control team responded to the scene.  A boom was placed around the barge to contain the spill while the barge was lightered.  After inspection, the barge will be taken to Galveston.   The Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into the incident.

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