Vale Beijing Update

The massive ore-carrier Vale Beijing was reported to be towed to Fortaleza, Brazil for repairs.   The vessel is to be anchored in water clearer to allow divers to make repairs to the hull.   The latest report states the hull has suffered multiple large cracks in the outer hull which allowed water ingress into the cargo hold.  Brazilian authorities have requested the owners to have the fuel removed from the vessel to prevent any oil pollution being released.   No details have been released to the cause of the cracks in the ballast tanks at this time.   A recent report states the design of the Vale Beijing was altered from the other massive Valemax ore carriers constructed at other shipyards.   The report did not state if this change may have weaken the vessel’s structural integrity, but it may be a factor.    The owners of the Vale Beijing, STX Pan Ocean Co. stated the vessel would be repaired and be placed back into service.

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