Mississipiborg Grounded Twice

Courtesy of Lane Desborough

The 135 meter long, 8950 dwt container ship Mississipiborg went aground at Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada.   The Mississipiborg was attempting to leave port laden with kraft paper at low tide in strong crosswind when it became stuck in the silt and sand.  The vessel was refloated two hours later on the incoming tide and returned to harbour where it turned around before attempting to leave port again.  On the second attempt, the Mississipiborg went aground again a short distance beyond the spot of the first grounding.   The vessel remained aground until the high tide where the Mississipiborg was refloated and departed.   No reports of injuries, damage or pollution being released.

Pictures of original grounding by Lane Desborough:


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  1. R Desborough says:

    Mississippiborg returned to the port of Pictou on the pm high tide Dec 30 (with a pilot aboard) for underwater inspection following the groundings Dec 28.
    Ship originally left on Dec 28 apparently without a pilot aboard, in a building 35 kn cross wind and after channel markers had been hauled for the winter. Ship was said to be fully laden at the time of groundings.