Maersk Flensburg

The 135 meter long, 11135 dwt container ship Maersk Flensburg became disabled while off Nærøya, Norway in bad weather.   The vessel had suffered engine problems and was forced to drop anchor.  The crew reported that winds gusting up to 90 km per hour during the storm.  Three tugs arrived and towed the Maersk Flensburg to Florø.   No reports of injuries, damage or pollution being released.   The Flensburg will continue on its voyage after repairs are made to the engine’s computer system. 

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Ferry Ashore

The 36 meter long ferry Spoven went ashore at Asterholma, Åland.  The ferry had broken free from its moorings during a storm and pushed ashore by the high winds.   The ferry was later pulled free and surveyed for damage.   There were no crew on board at the time of the incident.  No reports of injuries or pollution being released. 

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Tanker Strikes Bridge

Tanker Lazio

The 110 meter long tanker-barge Lazio allided with Botlek Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  The wheelhouse of the Lazio was completely destroyed.  A crewman was slightly injuried and taken to hospital, but was released a few hours later.  The lift portion of the bridge did sustain some damage.   However, traffic was able to continue.  No reports of pollution being released.

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