Full Speed Astern

The 40 meter long passenger ship Schaprode collided with three other vessels while attempting to berth at Neuendorf, Germany on Hiddensee island.  The Schaprode suffered a control failure with the engine causing it to enter the port at full speed astern.   The ferry struck one sailboat and two motor boats sinking all the vessels.  The ferry also damage a powerline for the harbor’s lighting.  There were few passengers on board at the time of the incident and no one was injured.   Reports place the damage around 60000€.   The water police are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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MV Legacy


Photo credit Ginny and Richard from Bridges Cay


The ferry M/V Legacy went aground on a reef on Cherokee Sound near Lynyard Cay, Abaco.  Reports state the Legacy was struck by a large wave which pushed the vessel onto the reef.  The vessel began to take on water and the crew sent out a distress call.  Personnel from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association and U.S. Navy rescued all 18 persons aboard the M/V Legacy.  No reports of injuries.  Reports are unclear if the vessel will able to be salvaged or has broken up on the reef.  The M/V Legacy routinely carries supplies to Abaco from Nassau.

Correction:  The M/V Legacy is a ro-ro ferry not an articulated tug and barge.  Thanks to the site: The Abaco Scientist

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Collision at St. Petersburg

The 183 meter long, 36986 dwt tanker Torm Saone collided with the 129 meter long tanker Komsomol Volgograda in the anchorage area at St. Petersburg, Russia.  The Torm Saone stern struck the midsection of the Komsomol Volgograda resulting in a hole in the hull above the water line near the pumps.  Both vessels were in ballast at the time of the incident.  Both vessels will be surveyed for damage.  No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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Collision off Holtenau

The 81 meter long, 2300 dwt freighter Kovera collided with the 82 meter long, 2019 dwt freighter Ida in dense fog off Holtenau, Germany.  Both vessels were approaching the locks to the Kiel Canal when the Kovera struck the Ida.   Both vessels sustained significant damage.  The Ida proceeded to Heikendorf for anchorage while the Kovera remained at Holtenau for inspection.  Both vessels are expected to make repairs at the shipyard in Kiel.  No reports of injuries or pollution being released.  The water police are conducting an investigation.  The exact cause of the collision was not reported.

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