Pollux Allision

The 90 meter long freighter Pollux struck the inner gate at the Norther Lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbuettel, Germany.   The lock suffered significant damage and was taken out of service for several hours for repairs.  The gate suffered two large dents underwater while the lighting above was demolished.  The bow of the Pollux was dented.  The Pollux was detained in Brunsbuettel until it could be surveyed and inspected.   Authorities has stated that the Pollux had entered the lock at a too high rate of speed.  There were no injuries or pollution released.  The Pollux was able to continue on its voyage to Kolding, Denmark.

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The 114 meter long, 2778 dwt freighter Zorbey went aground off the coast of Demre, Turkey.  The Zorbey, loaded with 3,000 tons of wheat, suffered damage in its engine room and water ingress.   The master contacted the Coast Guard stating the Zorbey was in danger of sinking.   The Coast Guard dispatched vessels to the scene and took seven crew off the Zorbey.  The other crew remained on board and attempted to dewater the vessel.  Reports state that 25 tons of diesel fuel leaked from the vessel into the sea.   Authorities have placed booms around the Zorbey to prevent the pollution from spreading.  No reports of  injuries of the 15 crew.  Authorities are providing support to help refloat the freighter.

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Pioneer Bay

The 101 meter long, 5541 dwt container ship Pioneer Bay suffered an engine room failure and became disabled off at The Sund in Norway.  The crew quickly dropped the anchors before the vessel drifted within meters of going aground.  The lifeboat Simrad Buholmen towed the Pioneer Bay back into deeper water.   The crew later was able to restart the engines and the vessel continued on its voyage.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution being released.

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Red Sea Disaster Averted


The 148 meter long, 2248 dwt ro-ro ferry Pella caught fire and sank off Aqaba, Jordan.  The Pella loaded with 1229 passengers was headed for Nuweiba, Egypt from Aqaba.  Reports state a fire broke out and quickly got out of control.   The Pella’s crew sent out a distress signal and requested passengers go to the lifeboats until rescuers would arrive.  Authorities dispatched a tug and another ferry to the scene while naval vessels and military aircraft aided in the rescue effort.  Reports state all passengers except one were safely escaped and were rescued.  The one passenger jumped overboard and drowned.    Several passengers had slight injuries or suffered from smoke inhalation.   Damage from the fire is extensive and the ferry has suffered flooding.   The fire started in the ferry’s cargo section.

Photo by Reuters

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The 63 meter long self-propelled barge Vincent sank on the Spaarne River while at Haarlem, Netherlands.  The Vincent, loaded with a full cargo of sand, suffered a large crack in the hull allowing water ingress.  The crew contacted the local firefighters who attempted to dewater the vessel with pumps.  However, the water ingress was too great and the Vincent sank.  Divers were able to make temporary repairs and the vessel was raised the next day.  The cargo of sand was transferred to another vessel to allow the Vincent to be taken to a shipyard.  The cause of the crack was most likely from an earlier grounding.   No reports of injuries.

Video at www.zie.nl

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