Akademik Lazarev

The 81 meter long, 1319 dwt seismic research vessel Akademik Lazarev caught fire while off Ørlandet on the coast of Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.  The fire broke out in the accommodation section and spread to other parts of the vessel.  A distress signal was sent out and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre deployed five rescue ships and two helicopters to the area.  Rescuers were able to help extinguish the blaze.   No one was injured.  Reports state the bridge and several cabins suffered significant damaged.  The Akademik Lazarev was taken under tow and headed back to Kristiansund.   The towline did break while the vessels were off Halten Bank allowing the research vessel to drift near an oil platform.  While causing some concerns on the platform, the situation was under control.   Reports state conditions are bad with high winds, heavy seas and snow squalls.

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