Collision on the Kiel Canal

The 69 meter long, 1340 dwt tanker Jana collided with the 139 meter long, 13059 dwt boxship Herm Kiepe on the Kiel canal near Schulp bei Rendsburg, Germany.   The Jana had suffered rudder failure and struck the Herm Kiepe.   The Jana suffered significant damage while the the Herm Kiepe suffered only slight damage.   The Jana was en-route to Brunsbuttel from Rostock with 1000 tons of bio diesel while the Herm Kiepe was heading for Aarhus.   No reports of injuries.

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La Lambada Fire

Photo: Thomas Jerrion

The 16 meter long fishing vessel La Lambada suffered an engine room file while fishing off the island of OleronFrance.   The crew contacted  the Regional Operational Center who forward the message to a team from La Rochelle firefighters.   The Navy, SNSM and fireboats from La Rochelle responded sending out vessels and aircraft to the scene.  While the rescuers were enroute, the crew of the La Lambada were able to contain the fire.  However, the crew reported that the fishing vessel had developed a leak.   The fire boats reached the scene an hour later and were able to extinguish the blaze.    The toxic smoke from the La Lambada forced the crew to evacuate the vessel.   The crew were taken aboard one of the rescue vessels.  The La Lambada was taken under tow by the SNSM lifeboat back to La Continere.    Initial reports state the fire started by an electrical short.   No reports of injuries.

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