Piumi Duwa Disabled

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The 40 foot long fishing vessel Piumi Duwa was reported disabled in the Bay of Bengal (15 37N, 090 47E).   The fishing vessel is adrift with 6 crewmen on board.   No further details reported.

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Abel Tasman Aground

The 40 meter long passenger ship Abel Tasman went aground on the Prinses Margrietkanaal, a waterway navigable for vessels between Groningen and Lemmer, with 93 passengers on board.   The Abel Tasman was pushed aground by strong winds while heading towards Starteiland.  Passengers were transferred to a ferry which landed them at Sneek.    Local authorities aided in evacuating all the passengers.   No reports of injury.   The passenger ship was pulled freed by a tug the next day.

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Don’t Add Water to Cocktails…

The 100 foot long motor yacht Cocktails struck the Great Ledge off Little Harbor along Cape Cod’s southern shore.   The Cocktails was travelling from Woods Hole when it struck the rock.   The yacht began to flood as the pumps barely kept up with the water ingress.   The crew decided to beach the vessel on Nobska Beach so that temporary repairs could be made.   Upon inspection, the yacht’s hull was left with a 4 by 20 inch hole in its port side.   Salvage vessels, three patrol boats from Falmouth along with two Coast Guard vessels were at the scene.    A temporary repair was made and the yacht is to be towed to Fairhaven where it will be hauled out of the water for repairs.    No reports of injury or pollution being released.   The Cocktails usually charters between $42,500 to $45,000 per week.

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