Saga Lejon Disabled

Photo: Capt. Hilmar Snorrason

The 59 meter long passenger ship Saga Lejon was repored disabled while sailing near Västervik, Sweden.  The vessel had engine problems caused by impurities in the fuel that clogged the filters.   An engineer was requested and soon reached the scene.  He was then able to fix the problem and the Saga Lejon continued on to Nykoping.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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Angel 1 Aground

The 197 meter long, 34,942 dwt freighter Angel 1 went aground on the reefs off Poudres-d’Or, Mauritius.  The Angel 1 was loaded with 30,000 tons of rice bound for the Ivory Coast suffered an engine failure on Friday.  The master decided he could not proceed, the vessel slammed into the coral reef.   Later reports state there is a leak, but hull inspections were unable to reveal the source of the water ingress.  Authorities have responded by having the fuel on board the Angel 1 to be pumped out before any could leak causing an ecological disaster.   A salvage team from Greece has been requested to help pull the freighter free.   No reports of injury of the 28 crew on board.

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Belomorye Disabled

Tekhnolog Konyukhov

The 34 meter long, 49 dwt passenger ship Belomorye became disabled in the White Sea when the Belomorye’s main engine had failed.   The master of the Belomorye contacted the authorities which dispatched the salvage vessel Tekhnolog Konyukhov from Arkhangelsk.   The salvage vessel reached the scene while the crew on the Belomorye were able to restart the engine.   The two vessels continued to Arkhangelsk.   The passenger ship had 32 passengers and six crew on board.   No reports of injury or pollution being released.

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