Emergency Anchoring


Photo of the Zapadnyy June 2011

Reports state the 77 meter long tanker Zapadnyy performed an emergency anchoring on the Hunte River, Germany.   The tanker was proceeding empty when it met unfavorable wind and currents put the vessel in trouble.   The pilot and master of the tanker decided to maneuver the veessel into the shore embankment which succeeded in stopping the tanker without damage to the vessel or the shore.   The tanker later proceeded without issue.   Report released by local water police.

The Zapadnyy  allided with a floating dock on the Weser River near Bremen, Germany in April 2011.  Read More

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Inland Tanker vessel broke-in-two

The inland tanker Vialis was reported as broke in two in the Caland Canal, Netherlands.   The Vialis had moored alongside to bunker the 128 meter long, 13000 dwt tanker Marida Mimosa when the vessel broke up.  Authorities responded by placing oil barriers were positioned around the Vialis to prevent the spread of pollution.   A second inland tanker was brought in and pumped out the remaining diesel fuel from the Vialis.  An oil response vessel is onsite and is proceeding to clean up the released oil.    The cause to why the inland tanker broke-in-two has not yet been determined.

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Fishing Vessel Sinks After Explosion

A 23-foot commerical fishing vessel sank after an explosion close to the shores of St. Catherines Island, South Carolina.   The two crewmen on board  were rescued by a good samaritan vessel until two Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew arrived on scene.   The helicopter transported the two injured men to hospital.      Authorities have deployed pollution specialists to investigate the location where the vessel sank.

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Fishing Vessel Fire

Reports state the fishing vessel Chia Feng No. 11 has suffered an engine room fire north of the island of Palut Laut in the South China Sea (06 12.06N 107 03.66E).  The Chia Feng No. 11 had six men on board.   No further details reported.

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Yangshan Collision

The 80596 dwt boxship CSAV Petorca collided with the 33795 dwt freighter CCNI Rimac at the port of Yangshan Deep Water Port, China.   The CCNI Rimac suffered damage to a cabin and had some minor water ingress.   The CSAV Petorca lost 26 containers which went overboard.  Shanghai Martime Department deployed three vessels to carry out rescue and coordination to salvage the containers.   During an inspection, authorities found smoke coming from a chemical container with a cargo of nitrocellulose which could start a fire.   The container was removed from the CSAV Petorca.    No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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