Vessel Sinks on Danube

A vessel sank near the left bank of the Danube near Eckartsau, Austria.   The vessel being pushed by a dredger was heading upstream when it swung perpendicular to the flow of the river and sank.   No one was injured, but river traffic has been closed near the wreck.

The United States saved by Coast Guard

The 76 foot fishing vessel United States became disabled from a 1 inch hole that was 6 inches below the waterline while off Nantucket, Massachusetts.   The fishing vessel began to flood from the water ingress and the vessel’s master sent out a distress signal.   The Coast Guard responded by sending a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter with a dewatering pump.   The helicopter lowered the pump to the United States which got the flooding under control.  The vessel was then escorted to New Beford, Massachusetts where it moored.

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Al Rawdah Aground

The 307 meter long, 79,030 dwt boxship Al Rawdah went aground on the Batu Berhanti reef in the Singapore Straits near the island of Sanbu.   The Al Rawdah had left Port Kleng heading for China loaded with a cargo of  containers when in struck the reef at low tide.    The boxship rests with a list to port and an LOF has been signed with a salvager.  The chief engineer died during the incident due to heart failure, but due to illness and not the accident.    No injuries reported with the other 26 crewmen on board.   Reports state the master of the vessel admitted that he had not given proper attention to the vessels direction and was concern with the surrounding vessel traffic.

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Madam Allision

The passenger vessel Madam struck the Skarprunmarns bridge at Stavsnäs in Värmdö, Sweden.   The Madam was on its normal schedule of Stockholm-Stavnäs-Nämdö-Mortos-Björkvik-Tyresö-Saltsjöbade and was approaching the bridge at Stavsnäs.   The vessel was approaching the piers with too much speed so the vessel’s engines were thrown into reverse to slow it down.   However, the engines stalled and the vessel struck the bridge.   Three passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital.   No details on damage to the vessel or bridge.

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