Deneb Capsized

The 101 meter long, 5350 ton Deneb was unloading containers at the port at Algeciras, Spain when it developed a strong list to starboard.   The vessel continued listing over until the Deneb was resting on its starboard side with the bow submerged.   Authorities placed booms around the vessel to prevent any oil pollution escaping into the harbour.  The Deneb had 118 tons of bunk oil and 26 tons of diesel fuel on board before the incident.   Reports state salvage will take up to one week to implement.   No reports of injuries.   An investigation into the incident is being conducted.

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Reefer Disabled

The 70 dwt refrigerated fish carrier West was reported disabled off Ozerniy Point in the Bering Sea after suffering engine failure.   The crew was able to fix the issue with the engine and the fish carrier was able resume its voyage.  No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

Rennesoy Aground

The ferry Rennesoy went aground near Florø, Norway.   The ferry with a crew of 10 and no passengers was heading for the Lofoten Islands from Askøy when it hit the Svarte reef.   The reason for the grounding was due to a navigational error.   The vessel emptied its ballast tanks and a tug was able to pull the Rennesoy free.   The ferry was towed to Florø for inspection.   Reports state no injuries, damage or pollution released.

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