Amore on the Rhine

The 73 meter long self-propelled barge Amore became disabled after developing a significant list while on the Rhine.  The cargo on board the Amore was not adequately secured which led to the list.  Two other vessels, the Delta and Millennium, tied up to the Amore to help stabilize her.  Reports state there has been no water ingress and no one was injured.  The Amore was scheduled to sail to Emmericher.

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Ruby Lily Aground

Location of the San Juan Islands

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The 50 foot fishing vessel Ruby Lily ran ashore on Petos Island, San Juan Islands, Washington.   The Coast Guard directed a cutter to the scene which found the vessel aground.   The master of the Ruby Lily was uninjured and decided to remain on the vessel.   A salvage company was contacted to assist refloating the Ruby Lily.   No water pollution reported.

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Falcon Princess Aground

The 50 dwt passenger ferry Falcon Princess went aground north of Pulau Tekong, Singapore.   The Falcon Princess was proceeding to Tanjung Belungkor  from Changi with 24 passengers and 11 crew when the vessel experience engine trouble.   The ferry was beached where all passengers were safely transferred to another ferry.   No reports of injuries or pollution.  Authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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