Francesca Prior Fire

The 29 meter long freighter Francesca Prior was off Higham, England when a fire broke out in the accomodation area of the vessel.   The two crewmen on board contacted the Gravesend RNLI lifeboat for assistance.   The vessel’s wheelhouse became filled with black smoke while the weather worsen into a very heavy squall with force 7 winds.   The crew had attempted to fight the fire using the fire extinguishers and the fire hose, but had to close off the area due to the smoke. The RNLI lifeboat was able to reach the vessel quickly and was able to clear the smoke out of the wheelhouse.   The vessels then proceeded to Denton Wharf where Kent fire service was waiting to assist.   The fire service was able to extinguish the fire .   Initial reports state the fire may have been caused by bad lagging around the engine exhaust system near the accommodation area.

View a video of the rescue by the Gravesend RNLI

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Long Shot Fire

The 72 foot long fishing vessel Long Shot caught fire while working on the B-P oil spill research in the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida.   The five crewmen on board fought the fire with extinguishers, but were not able to beat back the flames.   The crew went to the liferaft hoping the fire would die down.    Once the fire had gone down, they attempted to reach the cabin and contact the Coast Guard.   However, the smoke in the cabin was too thick to reach the radio, but they were able to contact the Coast Guard by using a satellite phone.   The Coast Guard dispatched a fixed-wing aircraft which spotted the five men in a life raft and passed their position to the Cutter Sea Hawk.   The Sea Hawk picked up the 5 men and brought them back to Panama City.   No reports of injuries.   The incident is under investigation.

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Collision at Gibraltar

The 31,898 dwt bulk freighter Cosco Jinggangshan collided with the anchored 84,040 dwt tanker Aeolos at Gibraltar.   The freighter had arrived at Gibraltar for bunkering and was leaving the  port when it struck the tanker.   No damage reported on either vessel.   The Cosco Jinggangshan was ordered back to port as authorities conduct an investigation into the incident.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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