Beryl sinks off Shetland Islands

The fishing vessel Beryl BF411 sank off the coast of Unst Island, Shetland Islands.  The fishing vessel had contacted the Shetland Coast Guard that the vessel was taking on water and the pumps aboard the vessel were unable to keep up.  The Coast Guard responded by sending out a helicopter with additional pumps.   A nearby fishing vessel Onward also responded.   The Onward alongside the Beryl BF411 to take on board 4 of the Beryl’s crew.  The master of the Beryl stayed onboard to wait for the additional pumps.   As the helicopter arrive, the Beryl had listed heavily preventing the use of the pumps.  The master of Beryl abandoned ship and was picked up by the Onward.  No reports of injuries.

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Conzelo Sinks

Map of Zeeland

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The 50 meter long tanker-barge Conzelo sank in early morning hours while moored in the outer harbor in Hansweert, Zeeland, Netherlands.  The master with his two sons on board were able to abandon ship in time.   One son was still asleep and had to leap into the water before the Conzelo went down.   No one was injured.   The vessel was loaded with cement and now rests 9 meters below water.  Authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.   The vessel does not block or hinder traffic in the harbour.

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Collision at St. Petersburg

The 2570 dwt tanker Flandriya collided with a fishing vessel near the Neva Gate, St. Petersburg.   The tanker alerted the fishing vessel that it was approaching, but it could not avoid the collision.   The tanker was unable to stop due to the strong river current while the fishing vessel had become disabled due to its propeller fouled by nets.  The fishing vessel was pulled under the starboard bow sending the 3 crew on the fishing vessel into the water.  Reports state 1 crewman was rescued while 2 others are missing.

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