Collision at Macao

The tanker Guo Chang and the tanker Jiangzhou No. 1 collided off the coast of Macao near the Macao International Airport.  The Guo Chang was loaded with 260 tons of diesel fuel when it struck head-on with the Jiangzhou No. 1 which was empty.   The Guo Chang’s hull was holed on the starboard side allowing 2 tons of diesel fuel to be spilled.   No reports if the Jiangzhou No. 1 had damage as well.   However, reports do state that no one was injured in the incident.    Authorities were able to limit the environmental impact by placing booms and skimmers around the spill.   An investigation into the accident is being conducted.

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Daichi Shoei Maru Explosion


Photo: The boxship South Islander help rescue 27 men from the Daichi Shoei Maru.



The 27 crewmen of the fishing vessel Daichi Shoei Maru were forced to abandon ship after the vessel caught fire while 500 miles east of Guam.   The vessel reported to the Japan Coast Guard that the vessel was on fire and required assistance.   The Coast Guard contacted a nearby 17,800 dwt boxship South Islander to aid in the rescue of the fishermen.  A Coast Guard aircraft was also deployed and was able to direct the rescue effort.    Before the South Islander reached the Daichi Shoei Maru, the crew abandoned ship and went to the life rafts.   Moments later, the fishing vessel exploded leaving the Daichi Shoei Maru a burning wreck.   Luckily, the South Islander reached the seen shortly afterwards and all 27 crewmen were safely transfered to the freighter.   No reports to the cause of the fire.

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Bulk Viking Aground

The 60 meter, 945 dwt freighter Bulk Viking went aground on the Sortlandssundet near Sortland, Norway next to the Sortland Bridge.  The Bulk Viking had left Narvik heading for the Esso Port at Sortland with a cargo of gravel.   The vessel pulled up near the bridge and began to unload.  The current pulled the vessel away and the vessel drifted aground.   The vessel was quickly refloated with the assistance of the Coast Guard.  However, the Bulk Viking suffered some minor hull damage.  Reports state the crew went under drug testing.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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