Tail Walker 3 Disabled


Photo: Lifeboat Enid Collett being launched to rescue the Tail Walker 3



The fishing vessel Tail Walker 3 became disabled off the coast of Shoreham-By-Sea, England after a mechanical failure.   The Tail Walker 3 contacted the RNLI for assistance as the vessel was adrift in the heavy traffic shipping lane.   The RNLI launched the Tamar class lifeboat Enid Collett to rescue the Tail Walker 3.   Before the lifeboat reached the fishing vessel, the research vessel R. V. Discovery had taken the Tail Walker 3 under tow and was heading back to the harbour.   When the vessels made contact, the R. V. Discovery handed the tow over to the lifeboat which took the Tail Walker 3 into Brighton Marina.   No reports of injuries or pollution being released.

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Capsized Barge on the Hudson


Photo: Spencer Ainsley
Photo: Spencer Ainsley



A 200 ton barge capsized on the Hudson River near the town of New Hamburg, New York.  The barge was docked at the Tilcon Trap Rock stone quarry with a  1,000 ton cargo of of stone when workers noticed the barge had developed a leak.  The leak caused the barge to list over.   Before workers could pump out the water, the barge capsized dumping its cargo of stone to the bottom of the river.   No workers were injured.   A crane has been sent to help right the overturned barge.

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Cruise Ship Adrift

The  194 meter long, 3700 dwt passenger ship Ocean Star Pacific went adrift after the vessel lost power.   The Ocean Star Pacific had left with 522 passengers and 226 crew from Acapulco, Mexico heading back from a three-day cruise  when 1 of the 6 generators caught fire.   The fire was small and was quickly extinguished, but the damage cause the vessel to suffer a complete blackout.    The passengers were evacuated by catamaran to the coastal resort town of  Huatulco.   There were no injuries reported.   The vessel will be towed to Salina Cruz for repairs.
History of the Ocean Star Pacific:

  • 1971 – built for Royal Caribbean Cruises as the Nordic Prince
  • 1980 – the vessel was lengthen with a new midsection
  • 1995 – sold and renamed Carousel
  • 2004 – sold and renamed Aquamarine
  • 2006 – chartered and named Arielle before going back to the name Aquamarine
  • 2010 – sold for $23 million and renamed Ocean Star Pacific



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