Fishing Vessel Fire

The longliner fishing vessel Ashely Colleen was severely damaged by a fire while moored at Belleoram, Newfoundland, Canada.   The Ashely Colleen arrived in Belleoram with the fishing vessel Martha Louise 11.   The vessels were loaded with herring and plan to unload their catch the next morning.   The master of the Ashley Colleen went ashore while the master of the Martha Louise 11 bunked down on the vessel for the night.  During the night, an electric fire broke out on the Ashely Colleen pilothouse.   The fire quickly spread over to the Martha Louise 11.   The master on the Martha Louise 11 heard shouts and was able to escape before both vessels were completely engulfed in flames.   Reports state the Ashley Colleen was not insured and suffered damage up to $50,000.   The Martha Louise 11 suffered $5,000 in damage, but the vessel will be repaired.

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