Mirach Aground

The 27,192 dwt freighter Mirach went aground off the south coast of India near Anjugraman.   The vessel’s hull was holed when it struck bottom in shallow waters during severe weather.   Water Ingress has flooded from the bow to Hold No. 4.   The crew of 25 have been evacuated. 

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Ioanna G Disabled

The 16,408 dwt freighter Ioanna G became disabled in Dardanelles Strait after suffering engine failure.  The master of the Ioanna G  tried to reject assistance until he could get an approval from the owner.  However, the vessel was taken under tow to the Tuzla Shiprepair Yard.    The Ioanna G had a cargo of  15,200 metric tons of sugar bound for Odessa.

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Norrsken Collision


Norrsken (formerly FLINTERBELT)

The 2486 dwt freighter Norrsken collided with the self-propelled barge Livarda at the sealock at Papenburg, Germany.   The Livada suffered severe damage including water ingress resulting with the vessel being flooded.  A dredger has tied up to the Livarda to help stabilize the vessel.  The Livada with a crew of 2 was loaded with 1200 tons of fertilizer.   The Norrsken with 7 crew on board did not report any damage.    No reports of injuries from either vessel.  An investigation is being conducted by the Water and Shippping Administration.

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