Double Allision at Calhoun Dam No. 2

View of the Calhoun Lock and Dam #2

The towboat Gentry B pushing four empty barges on the Ohio River struck the Calhoun Lock and Dam No. 2. causing the barges to partially break free.  Later the same day, the 102 foot long towboat Hazel pushing four barges loaded with coal struck the Calhoun Lock and Dam No. 2 causing all four barges to break free.  Three barges became stuck on the dam while the forth barge went over the dam resulting in the barge having water ingress.   Workers were able to pump out water from the waterlogged barge.  They transfered the coal off the barges to allow the barges to be pulled away from the dam to the shoreline.   An inspection of the barges will be done before they continue down the river.   No reports of injures or pollution being released. 

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