Ferry Kim Nirvana

MBCA Kim-Nirvana
Photo: voanews.com

The 33 tonne wooden-hulled ferry Kim Nirvana capsized off Ormoc City, Philippines. The ferry was on a regular trip with 199 passengers and crew bound for Camotes Island when it capsized just off the port. Reports state the ferry had made a sharp turn to starboard as it was struck by a large wave.  The Kim Nirvana lost stability and rolled over.  Passengers attempted to escape to the other side of the vessel, but many remained trapped. Local reports state some 51 persons perished with some 141 were rescued.

Towboat Collision off Vacherie

Collision off Vacherie

The 195 foot long towboat American Heritage collided with the towboat David G. Schert on the Mississippi River near Vacherie, Louisiana. After the collision five of the barges being pushed broke free. One barge capsized releasing its cargo of caustic soda solution into the river. Coast Guard reported that upto 23,672 gallons of the solution could have been released into the water.  No reports of injuries on either vessel.  Traffic was halted on that section of the Mississippi River, but was later reopened. The cause of the collision is under investigation.


Photo: waz-online.de

The 77 meter long self-propelled barge Fulda allided with the lock on the Mittelland Canal at Sülfeld, Germany. The Fulda, loaded with 756 tonnes of feed, had proceeded into the lock when the vessel accidentally moved too far forward and struck the barrier over the lock.  The Fulda sustained significant bow damage and was detained by authorities. No reports of injuries or pollution released.  The water police launched an investigation into the incident.

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