f/v Endeavor
Photo: newslincolncounty.com

The 60 foot long fishing vessel Endeavor suffered water ingress near Yaquina Bay, Oregon.  The fishing vessel had been struck by a large swell the night before which caused a leak in the vessel.  The crew had discovered flooding in the engine room and contacted the Coast Guard requesting assistance.  The Coast Guard dispatched the 47-foot long Motor Life Boat to the scene.  The Coast Guard was able to pass two dewatering pumps to the fishing vessel.   With the pumps, the flooding was brought under control.  The Motor Life Boat then escorted the Endeavor back to port.  No reports of injuries or pollution released.

$500,000 in Damages


A section of a floating pier 2 at Port Canaveral, Florida was completed destroyed by a passing barge.  The pier used by large tankers bringing gas and oil into the port was struck by the barge.  The pier’s pilings above the waterline were complete destroyed.  No reports of injuries, but the damage to the pier is reported to be in excess of $500,000 (USD) and may require up to three months to be rebuilt.  Pier 3 was reported as damaged as well by officals.

Collision off Tsushima Island


The 129 meter long, 9143 dwt container ship Bohai Star collided with the 18 ton fishing vessel Kaiho Maru 18  in the Korea Strait off Tsushima Island.  The fishing vessel capsized and sank after the collision.  The three crew on the Kaiho Maru 18 were rescued by a nearby fishing boat. The Bohai Star suffered some unspecified damage.  No reports of injuries to the 15 crew on the Bohai Star. 

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