Celacante Lost

Photo: letelegramme.fr

The grounded fishing vessel Celacante sank on July 12, 2014  during salvage operations off Pierres Noires, France.  The Celacante went aground on May 22 when the trawler attempted to rescue a sailboat in distress.  The Celacante remain aground for two months as the owner arranged salvage operations.

The salvage team began operations in early July.  The team had lightered the trawler and  installed balloons to give the vessel additional buoyancy.  Some 20 tons of diesel fuel and oil was removed from the vessel’s tanks.  After the work was completed, two tugs were able to successfully pull the Celacante off the rock planning to head directly to Brest.  The salvage team then inflated the balloons on board the Celacante to start the tow, but the fishing vessel lost buoyancy.   The balloons were insufficient and the trawler quickly listed over to starboard before sinking by the stern.   Reports state the divers had underestimated the damage to the vessel.  Further inspection found large cracks along the entire length of the engine compartment.  The Celacante now rests in 15 meters of water just 300 meters off the  Lighthouse of the Black Stones (Pierres Noires).

Take Maru 55

Take Maru 55
Photo: USCG 

The 49 meter long fishing vessel Take Maru 55 ran aground off Cocos Island, Guam.  The tuna boat was driven ashore as Tropical Storm Halong lashed the area with strong winds and heavy rain.  The six crew on board abandoned ship and swam 700 yards to safety.   The crew sheltered in the island’s resort until conditions improved enough to allow rescuers to arrive.  No reports of injuries.  Local authorities  arrived and transferred the crew to Guam.  The U.S. Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.

Ferry towed to Bainbridge Island

Ferry Tacoma
Photo: king5.com

The 140 meter long,  1393 dwt ro-ro passenger ferry Tacoma became disabled in the middle of Pudget Sound while en route to Bainbridge Island, Washington.  The Tacoma was on a regular scheduled voyage between Seattle and Bainbridge with 405 passengers and 138 cars when it suffered a power blackout and lost propulsion.  The ferry dropped anchor and contacted the Coast Guard.  Two tugs were dispatched to the scene.  The tugs towed the ferry to Bainbridge Island where passengers and vehicles disembarked.  No reports of injuries, damage or pollution released.  Tugs will tow the ferry to a repair dock to determine the cause of the source of the power blackout.

Capsized Demi Lynn

Photo: turnto10.com
Photo: turnto10.com

The 40 foot long fishing vessel Demi Lynn capsized at its berth in Warren, Rhode Island.  The fishing vessel filled full of water and overturned onto its side.  No one was on the vessel at the time.  Coast Guard crews responded to the scene and place booms around the vessel to contain any pollution released.  Local firefighters plan to wait until low tide and begin pumping water out of the vessel  while divers place straps around the hull to refloat the Demi Lynn.  The Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.

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