About Shipwreck Log

Have you found it difficult to find information about a specific shipwreck when you only have its location, date or vessel's name? How about a find information on maritime accidents 3 weeks ago, 6 months ago, or even last year? Shipwrecklog.com was created to solve these issues. We designed our site and tools to make researching recent and historical maritime accidents easier.

Shipwrecklog.com isn't designed to compete with other news sites or "shipwreck databases". This site was design to give a small summary of information. Think it like a cross-index and news summary merged together so that you can get the information you need to do a more comprehensive search later.


News / Log

Have you spent hours looking for information on a particular recent maritime accident? Many vessel accidents quickly disappear with the news cycle. Our log was created to help keep track of accidents and provide an archive to recent shipwrecks. You can view the log here.


The List

The list is not a shipwreck database, it is a reference tool. The list allows you to find which book, report, website or database has the shipwreck you are looking for.

We plan to have a beta release of The List starting summer 2011.


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